An advanced practice doesn't mean frantically doing as many chaturangas as you can in an uncomfortably hot room.  Yoga Masterminds starts this fall!


The highest power in yoga can only be accessed through honest self-investigation and meticulous alignment. This way of doing the practice is much more difficult, yet deeply fulfilling. You must move with curiosity and humility, and always work hard.  You must not be scared to sit with discomfort, but instead ask the discomfort a million questions.  You must have the heart of a champion.  And when you do show up with courage and accomplish something new, listen to the wisdom that says you have become stronger not because you reached your destination, but because you dared to try.


Im proud to say that all my students come from a tribe of deep thinkers and feelers and incredibly hard workers.  Join our community and study with me if you want to discover your true potential.