Yoga Masterminds

A 40 hour yoga teacher training program led by
international yoga instructor Andrew Abaria
designed to help you sequence and cue yoga asana
with the best in the world.


I've heard this before....

You just finished your 200 hour teacher training program and you're super excited to teach...but you feel unprepared.

You can call out names of poses and lead a decent sequence, but more often than you'd like, there are these awkward silences in your classes because you want to cue what to do in the poses, but are scared to say the wrong thing.

So you try and review your 300 page manual that has tons of information, along with the pages and pages of scribbled down notes, but it's all just one actually ever helped you to deeply understand the concepts, and you feel lost.

If only there was a way for you to understand cueing and sequencing to the degree that you feel it in your own bones, then you'd be able to give your students the ideal class you know you're capable of giving...

Unfortunately, I've heard this story over and over again from many devoted yoga students who admit they walk away from 200hr programs feeling inundated with too much information, uncertain about their abilities, and sadly unprepared to teach.  Lecture-heavy, with little to no time dedicated to the art of teaching, most of these programs focus on dishing out mass loads of information without helping students to actually SYNTHESIZE the material in a practical and pragmatic way.  

Throughout my 17 years of teaching and coaching people all over the world, after listening to many complaints about numerous training programs and classes, I came to this important conclusion: the number one factor in helping students transform into powerful teachers lies not in the amount of information you give them, but within the teaching method itself.

And so I had YOU in mind when I created Yoga Masterminds.

Yoga Masterminds is a potent 5 week, 40 hour program will not only explain yoga alignment, cueing, and sequencing in a step-by-step, easy to understand way, but its focus on one-on-one mentorship will finally give you the honest and direct feedback from a seasoned yoga professional that you'll absolutely need in order to teach and do yoga with complete confidence.  It's my hope that if the story above resonates with you at all, that you sign up for Yoga Masterminds today.  You deserve it and your students do too.  


Small group Mastermind meetings
Sundays 1-6pm and Tuesdays 6-9pm
from Tuesday 9/19/17 to Sunday 10/22/17


54 S. Duke Street
York, PA 17401

What you get from joining the Yoga Masterminds 40 hour training:

  • 5 one-on-one 1 hour private yoga coaching sessions with Andrew Abaria ($625 value)
  • 6 semi-private 1 hour group yoga classes
  • 8 hours of focused practice teaching time with the Yoga Masterminds group
  • 6 "business of yoga" modules to help you make more money as a yoga teacher
  • 1 hour on the Yoga Hot Seat giving you direct feedback on a class you teach
  • 22 hours of small group alignment/cueing/sequencing instruction
  • fulfillment of the required 30 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit to maintain RYT (registered yoga teacher) status

Plus upon graduation, you'll receive as a BONUS:

  • multiple follow up one-on-one trainings to keep you on track and accountable to your goals!


Early bird $799 (credit card or check)
$100 non-refundable deposit to claim your spot by 9/1
Full payment due by 9/19.

*This training program ensures success due to its focus on one-on-one and small group coaching.  Because of this, space is limited. 100% money back guarantee until 11:59pm Sunday September 17, 2017.


"Andrew is an incredible teacher. I’ve been to numerous yoga trainings and have attended Yoga Journal Conference several times—and I have never had a teacher like Andrew before.  In his class he breaks down the poses so that they make sense (yes, even the really difficult ones!)  In the past, I’ve kicked up to an inversion and“hoped for the best” - Andrew’s  class is different - there’s no mystery or wishing—there’s just REAL practicing. On top of that he is smart, patient, kind, metaphorical and funny.  He is up there with the real yoga gurus— What a gift!"  
- Laura Liss, yoga teacher (Lancaster, PA)


"What I liked the most about how Andrew Abaria led the workshop is his emphasis on simplicity and focus on the small moments.  His handstand workshop was about drawing parallels (literally and figuratively) between warrior poses and handstands.  He found a way to show us that simple poses can be gateways to a deep practice and you don't need a complex sequence to make the practice intense.  Thank you Andrew for an awesome class!"
- Benedict Bernabe, Beyond Yoga studio manager (Manila, Philippines)


"Thanks for sharing your gifts at Urban OM. People LOVED your workshop, the feedback was awesome."
-Neo Moreton, Urban OM studio owner (Stockholm, Sweden)



Yoga Masterminds will be offered again in 2018!  More details to come...

Yoga Masterminds Studio
54 S. Duke Street York, PA 17401