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  I'm a musician, yogi and multi-passionate entrepreneur dedicated to inspiring you to become your very best self.

I'm a motivational music maker, international yoga instructor, and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs dedicated to helping people like YOU become your very best.


I'm a creative entrepreneur based in Los Angeles and New York, and I wholeheartedly believe in the boundless potential that lies in every human being.  I've dedicated my life to leading classes and workshops all over the world to help other creative entrepreneurs to discover this truth within themselves.

In every interaction, I can't help but ask deep questions that enable creatives and freelancers to critically think and problem solve their way to success.  I work best with those who are serious about their business and life goals because I believe the path to becoming your best involves hard work, humility, and discipline.


I've done yoga almost every day for 13 years and am a lululemon athletica ambassador.  Because of my daily devotion to athletics, spirituality, and teaching, I've been hired as a yoga and movement specialist to conduct workshops all over Europe, Asia, and North America.

I'm a USC Thornton School of Music graduate with hundreds of thousands of online views of original pieces I've composed and arranged.  I'm an international film festival award winner and my art has been commissioned and performed all over the world - from Hungary to South Africa to the Philippines.

I'm a daily Vipassana meditator, having meditated in silence for 50 days and counting.

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And this dedication and passion has given me time and time again, the opportunity to help many successful business creatives generate the energy, passion, and focus needed to unlock their fullest potential.  Here are just a few of my past and present clients:

  • Duncan Sheik - Composer of the Broadway show "Spring Awakening"

  • Angus Mitchell - Owner of Paul Mitchell Systems

  • Ben Patrick Johnson - Extra co-host and voice over artist

  • Bruce Vaughn - Former CCO at Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Brian Graden - Longtime president of MTV and developer of "South Park"



Ever since I was I kid, I've asked deep questions about life and have always had a knack for explaining difficult processes with clarity and insight. And over the years, I've developed those skills as a music educator, movement coach, and life and business strategist to help thousands of people become more conscious, creative, and courageous.  

I'm proud to say that I have built a solid base of private clients that I coach which allow me to travel every month from east coast to west coast inspiring people all over the country. Whether it's in fitness, music, or spiritual living, I encourage my clients to engage in ACTION (not just thought) and to strive for excellence in every moment.

I've successfully manifested a life of artistry, athleticism, and adventure that truly reflects the best of me and I'm privileged to have created an unconventional job where I inspire others to become their best selves too.




What kind of life and business do YOU want? 

What kind of person do YOU want to be?


Despite the circumstances you're dealing with right now, the place you've found yourself in, or the momentum that you feel is fighting against you, I want you to know this: 

As an experienced INSPIRATION COACH, I am 100% here for YOU, wholeheartedly committed to helping you make the fitness, creative, and spiritual changes you want for your life.  

So sign up for my mailing list and get a $50 Coupon Code to use for the coaching services in my shop.  In addition, you'll get free access to a 5 minute guided meditation that you can use to generate more energy and focus right now.


This website is also a place where you can find me doing my thing as a CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR, striving for excellence in everything I do - my Yoga Masterminds yoga teacher training, pop songwriting, international spiritual retreats, my personal development blog DEEPER  - because as I inspire you to become your very best self, I am driven to do the same for myself too. 

This is the life I lead and teach to others because my life is my work and my work is my life. 

Thanks so much for reading this far!  I hope in every way that I can inspire you to find the path that is the biggest and brightest for you.

So stay connected with me - I'm super excited for the journey ahead,



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