I was running 10 minutes late to my next appointment when my car started to break down in the middle of the 5 freeway in Los Angeles. It was scary but I quickly pulled over and thankfully two people rushed by to help me push the car along the offramp to the side of the road.

After assessing the situation, my new friends told me that my battery was dead and that I needed jumper cables.  (Thank goodness because I know nothing about cars!). They had to leave so I was left alone with this very important mission:

I needed to manifest jumper cables.

Right away my mindset shifted: everything around me became somehow related to these jumper cables. Across the street I saw a father pushing a baby stroller and thought - he has a kid and they must live close by, they probably have a mini van, and so he must have jumper cables in their car!

I excitedly asked him if he did, and while he didn't, I didn’t seem to care: I was focused on the next opportunity.  I then saw a college student walking her dog - again my mind went through the same creative logic sequence  - she's in college, meaning she’s old enough to drive - so she must have a car - and there will be the jumper cables!  Turns out she didn't have them either, but again this didn't stop me.  She did though mention a convenience store around the corner and as I ran around the block, I brought with me the same mindset - I kept making everyone and everything I experienced somehow related to these elusive jumper cables.  

And while the store owner didn’t have what I wanted, she did direct me to a gas station two blocks away and it was there where after another failed attempt, someone who overheard my conversation, came up to me and handed me the jumper cables I needed to jump start my car.

In just over an hour, I manifested jumper cables.

Now you might think - wait a minute... Isn’t manifesting that woo woo thing where you chant OM 108 times in front of your Ganesha statue, light some incense, and then whatever you’ve been meditating on somehow magically appears at your door on the night of the next full moon?

I believe MANIFESTATION isn't some airy-fairy concept but that it happens through a confluence of these three factors:

1) crystal clear clarity as to what you want
2) focused actions that strategically move you towards your goal
3) relentless determination until you finally get there

My experience on the 5 taught me that when you want something bad enough and choose to perceive all external phenomena as a way to move closer to your goal, you create boundless opportunities to succeed.  The strangers through my adventure weren’t holding up signs saying “I have jumper cables” but I chose to see it that way.  And because of my incessant optimism and workist attitude, these people became allies in helping me to get to my goal.

Again, I call this process MANIFESTATION. (BTW I’m also not saying that  manifestation is an easy path to take or that results appear within minutes. But what I am saying is that the combination of clear intention, meaningful action, and unassailable determination will eventually get you to your desired end point.)

So now let's focus on YOU: what is it that you deeply want?  If you can back up your desire with sheer will and strategic action, I promise that opportunities will become available to you that you may not have noticed before. The universe is conspiring to help you, but in order to unlock the magic you’ve got to help yourself first.

So stop the mindless mantra and give manifestation a real try - follow the steps above and dive in.

Andrew Abaria

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The secret to success in a two minute parable

This two minute parable powerfully shows us the path to success:

“ A certain farmer had become old and ready to pass his farm down to one of his two sons.  When he brought his sons together to speak about it, he told them: The farm will go to the younger son.

The older son was furious! “What are you talking about?” he fumed.

Okay,” the father said, “I need you to do something for me.  We need more stocks.  Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?”

The older son left and shortly returned reporting, “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.”

The father graciously thanked the older son for his work.  He then turned to the younger son and said “I need you to do something for me.  We need more stocks.  Will you go to Cibi’s farm and see if he has any cows for sale?

The younger son did as he was asked and a short while later returned and reported “Father, Cibi has 6 cows for sale.  Each cow will cost 2,000 rupees.  If we are thinking about buying more than 6 cows, Cibi will reduce the price per cow by 100 rupees.  Cibi also said they are getting special jersey cows next week and so if we aren’t in a hurry, it may be a good idea to wait.  However if we need the cows urgently, Cibi said he could deliver the cows tomorrow.”

The father then turned to the older son and said, That’s why your younger brother is getting the farm.”

Successful people don’t just do the minimum required.  They don’t just execute specific instructions and wait for the next external request. They critically think about the situation as a whole and put in extra effort to help move the situation towards a certain benefit or result. 

In other words, as Benjamin P. Hardy puts it, successful people initiate

As successful people initiate, they end up influencing the direction of how ideas and projects develop.  They are active and not passive, becoming drivers on the road of life, not just backseat riders.  And because they initiate, just like the younger son in the story above, they are given opportunities.  Success finds them.

So why don’t we initiate?  Because it’s scary!  When we initiate, we put ourselves out there - revealing unsolicited thoughts and feelings, our creativity, and personal ideas as to what we would add to the situation.

So how can we get over this fear and become better initiators? 

Luckily this ability to initiate can be trained and developed.  I’ve found that simply being around driven and like-minded people is a great first step in learning this skill.  Here are just a few of the upcoming social events I’ll be leading in the next few months that can help you learn how to initiate.

Manifestation Retreat: Adventure in Iceland, May 11-15 (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Hustle Fest: A day long summit for people transitioning from a full-time job to full-time freelance, April 14 (New York, NY)

Worth 100: Lululemon’s International Women’s Day Yoga Event, March 8 (Lancaster, PA)

And if you’re asking about other opportunities closer to where you are, here’s my suggestion.  Initiate.  Ask friends, do a google search, post a question on Facebook, message me.  The sky’s the limit.

You can do it.  Initiate.

I’m here cheering you on,

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How to Become Your Best Self

This past month was filled with many adventures in Asia.  I was invited to teach another international workshop, this time in Hong Kong at the Yoga Room

Yoga in HK.JPG

And I took a few days off to see Bali, Indonesia

Bali Pic.jpg

And while these professional and personal experiences were fun and exciting, what gave me the most satisfaction out of this Asia trip was being a part of a medical mission in the Philippines.

On January 28 and 29 I volunteered at a medical mission trip in Cauayan, Negros Occidental where we provided free medical supplies, dental exams, and minor surgeries to low income families in the area. 

Mission 1.JPG
Mission 2.jpg
Mission 3.jpg

In addition to donating time, I decided last December to host two music performances where all ticket and CD sales would go towards further fundraising for humanitarian efforts in Cauayan.  Thanks to you all, we raised almost $600 which we used to buy school supplies for over 600 students in local neighborhoods.

School Supplies 1.jpg
School Supplies 2.jpeg
School Supplies 3.JPG
School Supplies 4.JPG
School Supplies 5.JPG

Seeing the smiles on these kids' faces was nothing short of life changing. And so I quickly realized this while in Asia: you don’t become your best self when you’ve added a line to your resume or are lounging by the pool at an island resort.  You become your best self when you help others to become their best.

If you've read this far, I hope this message inspires you in your own way to continue this very important work.  Because it's only when we direct our lives towards deeply connecting with others, and truly being of service, that we ultimately become our best too.

I'm here cheering you on,

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Outcome vs. Activity

Happy 2018!!

Are you excited about your NYR (New Year's resolution)??

NYRs undoubtedly give us an added boost of energy and drive, and so right away we tend to immerse ourselves in tons of forward moving activity.  We do our best to keep busy, doing everything we can to check off boxes on our to-do list - often it feels amazing!

But has this ever happened to you, where you've engaged in tons of activity and even experienced benefits....but ultimately didn't see the results you expected?

So why does this happen?  Well, here's my take:  Activity alone is not enough.  When you complete any activity, all that ensures is that you will receive some sort of addition to your life, some sort of benefit. But the thing is, benefit is not the same as progress.

Progress is movement to towards a very specific outcome, and so random and unfocused benefit will not necessarily get you to your ideal end goal.

What's the alternative - how do we create progress?  Start with outcome.  

Start with outcome by creating a clear picture of what your ideal end scenario looks like: the exact net profit your business will generate, the number of vacation days you want this year, etc. – and then come up with a pertinent activity list that will get you to that end goal.

Here's an example:  If your NYR is "to be healthier in 2018", you might start to make a list of activities that would look something like this:
- lower my cholesterol
- get one more hour of sleep a night
- 10 minutes a day to meditate

But let's say the outcome you actually want is to lose two inches off your waist - even if you lowered your cholesterol by 40 points, got an extra hour of sleep a night, and disciplined yourself to meditate 10 minutes every morning - it doesn't guarantee that you will be able to fit into that dream pair of jeans! You did lots of well-intended activity - and got tons of healthy benefit - but didn't arrive at your end ideal outcome.

Instead, make your NYE a specific outcome - "to lose two inches off my waist".  From there, you'd be more likely generate an activity list like this:
- do an hour yoga class 3x a week
- eat a 300 calorie lunch Mon-Fri
- no dessert on weekends

The bottom line is this: focus on your ideal outcome FIRST, then come up with corresponding activities that will get you there.  Don't just focus on activity, because only outcome-based activities will help you to accomplish your goals.

So, start with outcome!

Does this make sense?  Write a comment below and let me know.  I love talking about this stuff, and I've even created two coaching programs, focused on end outcomes of course, to help people like you arrive at their ideal end goals.

Yoga Masterminds: The Business of Yoga 101: How to create a five figure income as a yoga teacher (and only work 5 hours a week)

Yoga Masterminds: Adventure in Iceland (manifest your dream yoga pose)

Happy New Year and good luck with your NYRs!

I'm here all year cheering you on,

Two Strategies for Overcoming any Setback

Hello from Copenhagen!

Copenhagen pic.jpg

Last night was my first gig on a 10 day music tour through Europe.  Although it went extremely well, my opening show was supposed to be two days earlier and in a different country.

CPH bigger.JPG

I'll spare the details for now, but just know it was a rough first two days for me on the road.  After having spent an unexpected 20 hours in airports on Day 1, and being sick in bed all day on Day 2, I've had a lot of time to think about the best mental strategies to overcome any setback.

Here are two takeaways I'm excited to share with you:

1) Learning how to overcome a setback is a non-negotiable skill you must develop if you want to create success for your life.  Setbacks are bound to happen.  They just are, especially if you want to do big and bold things in this world.  Because setbacks are a part of the path to success, when they do take place, view it as an opportunity to prove your own strength, and to show that you have the ability to keep creating success despite hardship.  

2) Your reputation is built in the difficult moments, not the easy ones.  It's easy for someone to call you "inspirational", "strong", "positive" etc. when everything is going your way.  But you don't really earn your inspirational, strong, or positive badge until you demonstrate those qualities in moments of crisis.  I'm not saying that you should deny feeling disappointed (it took me a good day and a half to move on), it's more that at some point in the experience, you have to make a choice about how you will now live in the world.  And your choice at that moment deeply embeds certain qualities and virtues into the core of who you are as a person.

I've read quite a few online articles penned by people who have been changed by challenge recently - and it's helped me greatly.  I've been indelibly changed by my challenge too, and so I hope this blog post can serve you the next time you encounter any setback that feels like the end of everything.  

You'll make it through - I'm here cheering you on,

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PPS.  You really think I wouldn't mention anything about the holidays in a December blog post??  Merry Christmas to you all - see you in 2018!!!

Manifestation 2017

As a kid I would daydream about one day going on tour as a musician. I've always loved traveling and would often dream about playing different venues all over the world.  Back then I thought that the only way to make that happen was to get signed by a major label and have an agent who would book my shows.  And while the industry is in a different place these days, and that specific scenario hasn't happened for me yet, my belief that no external force can stop me from creating any outcome I want has helped me to manifest this new opportunity ahead.  

While I’ve had the privilege of extensive US touring with my former bands and other musical projects, I’ve yet to venture out on my own or cross international borders....until now.  I'm excited to announce my December 2017 solo European music tour!  I'll be playing piano and singing on a 10 day 8 date international trek with stops in London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. (with a few US shows shortly after!)

And so, I wanted to share with you an important note about manifestation: I used to assume that manifestation was the process of thinking about something you want and somehow the universe delivering it to you. But I definitely think something different now.

I believe that when you choose to think about the same thing over and over (and over) again, your thoughts become activators for action.  And when some sort of physical force is actualized (writing an e-mail, driving to a location, speaking to a person, etc.), this component of smart and strategic movements built over time and done with consistency, is really what gets you to your end outcome.  

In other words, thoughts don't directly produce the outcome - it’s the action that follows. Thoughts are just the fuel to keep you going.  Also, things you want don't just magically materialize in front of you; through consistent actions over time, you make things happen. 

So make sure to turn your insight into action, because your thoughts alone have no power without some measurable force that you generate and contribute into the world.  And with practice and time you will a forge a path to all the good things you’ve ever wanted. 

Try it out and see what happens. :) I’m here cheering you on,

Create More Than You Consume

Happy October!  (I know, October already?!?)   

This fall I find myself absorbed in a number of creative projects - from collecting selfie videos of people without shirts on for my new music video "Shirtless" (yes I want your video too!), to leading my 40 hour yoga training Yoga Masterminds, to making connections at various film festivals around the country that have screened my 2016 dance film Not Immune (the pic below is from Cinema Diverse in Palm Springs, CA).

YM pic.jpeg
PS pic.JPG

This recent work load has gotten me thinking about a key concept that I believe can help all of us creatives to move forwards in any project we have on our plate: we must create more than we consume.

It's obvious that if you want to lose 10 pounds, a greater input of calories vs. output of calories would prevent you from getting to your health goal. Taking this idea further, I believe that a greater input of ideas and information compared to your output also prevents you from reaching your career or personal goals.  

In other words, to ensure progress, don't just be a passive receptor of information and ideas (listening to podcasts, reading books on social phenomenon, tuning into NPR etc.).  It's only when we take those experiences and create our own concrete products and services that we become more skilled and expert at what we do.  

Progress can only happen when we create more than we consume.

I'll end with this: I'm definitely not saying that when we commit to creating that everything goes smoothly and that it all just "works out".  In fact, I actually think the inevitable twists and turns we encounter on the path help us to build the muscles and wisdom we need for the next, more complicated, and bigger adventure ahead.

So continue to create more than you consume and watch your work and life transform into all that you want it to be.

I'm here cheering you on,

PS. Here are some inspiring things a few of my friends creating these days:

Cave Day (my productive friends Jake Kahana, Jeremy Redleaf, and Molly Sonsteng)

The Joy List (the ever so joyful NYC based Jillian Richardson)

24 Violins (talented music producer Jonas Petersen)

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Wouldn't it be great if...

Iceland is absolutely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It's often referred to as the "land of waterfalls". Last week I had the privilege of going to Iceland for a few days to teach a pair of handstand workshops. Here are just some of the incredible pictures I took:

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

How did I end up in the land of waterfalls? Well I've loved traveling ever since I was a kid, and Iceland was always a dream location of mine.  And for some reason within the past year, this thought kept running through my mind: "Wouldn't it be great if a work trip could pay my way to Iceland?"  

Long story short, a belief that Iceland was possible led to a thought, which led to actions, that ultimately resulted in me landing in Reykjavik last week (and the story gets better because a few friends actually came with me)!  

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

Now let me be clear that simply the act of thinking never leads to manifestation. And it's a good thing that thoughts don't automatically become things because if that were the case and you were thinking about a huge pink elephant (and I know you are because I typed it in this sentence), you'd have a two ton pink elephant standing in front of you right now!

Furthermore, most people think that manifestation starts with thought. However, I'll take a stand and say that belief comes first - a belief that it can truly happen. This belief leads to the thought, which again if followed up by action can lead to manifestation.  

And so I believe the intelligent universe has made it so that beliefs can only manifest if actions are involved.  The not-so-glamorous actions I took to get me to Iceland (that you didn't see on social media) included emailing dozens of contacts, hearing no way more times than hearing yes, negotiating rates, hours of scheduling, etc. 

And BTW I'm continually trying out this theory, and I've already manifested my next adventure: Europe Christmas Music Tour 2017.

And so right now let's make something happen for you - why not take a moment to say this statement out loud, finishing the phrase for yourself:

"Wouldn't it be great if..."

If you have a hard time believing your words, then start smaller. Do it until it feels authentic - like what you're saying could actually happen. Because again if you don't really believe it, your efforts will just end up being a hollow thought which won't lead to action.  And then of course take one step and move towards your goal.  You don't have to know the entire path, you just have to continually move in your inspired direction.  

Believe that you're worthy of great things. Think incredible thoughts.  Work hard towards what you want.  And make sure to tell me about how it goes in the comments below.

"Wouldn't it be great if..."

I'm here cheering you on,

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Process > Product

Process > Product.

What does this mean?  It means that as we work towards a business or life goal, that we see in the road to the goal as valuable, if not more valuable, than reaching the goal itself. 

When we focus on product, we tend to do whatever it takes to get to the end point. Often times form, awareness, and integrity are sacrificed as we hurriedly tread on the path of least resistance, and because this path is one of "easy access" it inherently offers no growth in our future ability to work or express. Moreover, a product approach leaves us with the feeling that nothing is gained unless we get to the destination.

Yet when we focus on process, the road to the goal becomes lined with learning experience after learning experience; every moment becomes an opportunity to self-realize and grow. As we honor process, we develop in form, awareness, and integrity even if we don't get to the desired end point. This approach leaves us feeling satisfied and at the same time hungry for more as the journey continues. 

Around this time last year, I was working on promoting Not Immune (the first single off my 2016 album Opus 1), and I wanted to create a corresponding music video that blended the worlds of film, music, and dance.  I had never done anything like this before, so on the road to my goal I had no choice but to focus on process and not product because I had no idea what exactly I would create!

Little did I realize that in the weeks and months I diligently worked on budgeting, schedules, talent acquisition, storyboarding, etc. that I was learning what it took to be a producer and director of films.  I was so engrossed in the process, that by the time the project was over, I was surprised that my co-director, Ian Asbjornsen, had credited me with the roles of producer and co-director.  I was now a filmmaker!!

Last month, Not Immune was one of just 5 films accepted into the SOL Summer Party Film festival, and so I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio last week to screen the dance video, talk about the film making process, and perform a live piano/vocal version of the song to a captive audience.

So focus on process not product, and you'll end up having boundless opportunities in front of you than if you just focus on one single outcome.  This new way of thinking and being has just begun for me, so I'll be continuing to practice what I preach - and hopefully I'll see you alongside me creating quality products on this crazy wonderful adventure of process.

I'm here cheering you on,

PS. Here are some links to my upcoming yoga programming that resulted from focus on process over product:

Yoga Masterminds - a 40 hour mini teacher training I am leading on the East Coast (starts next month!)

Handstand workshops in Iceland

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The 5 Second Rule

There is an energy and life force inside each and every one of us that is so powerful, it's often frightening.  Its light is so dazzling and bright, that many times we cover it up, fearful of sharing it with others.  But instead of fearing this light, we must learn to accept it, and ultimately at some point find ways to express it.  And as we share our brilliance with others who may be hiding their light, not only does this liberate us from our own fear, but it encourages others to liberate themselves too.

You've heard about the five second rule right?

No, I don't mean the rule that says once you drop that piece of chocolate on the floor, you still have five seconds to eat it.  I'm referring to what motivational speaker Mel Robbins refers to as the five second rule which is this:

If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.

When inspiration strikes, you've got 5 seconds to do SOMETHING, or else NOTHING will happen.  If you get inspired by a new business idea, you have 5 seconds to write down the thought...If you get a sudden surge of energy to reclaim your health, you've got five seconds to get up from the couch to get your gym clothes on....If you find yourself wanting to dance at that wedding, you got five seconds to do it...or nothing happens.

Here's the deal: when inspiration pays its short 5 second visit and you physically move, your brain starts to replace old, limiting habits with new life-giving ones.  But if you don't move after 5 seconds, your old habits become stronger, and it becomes harder to create change.

So whatever your goal is, it's not enough just to think about it - you have to do something about it - and within 5 seconds.

Over the last few months I've trained myself to ACT during these inspirational episodes. And now because of it, I've created something I'm super excited to share with you all.  It's called Yoga Masterminds - a 40 hour teacher training program designed to help you sequence and cue yoga poses with the best in the world.  If you're a yoga teacher or serious yoga student, you'll want to check it out.
So stay committed to ACTION during those sudden bursts of inspiration, and truly express your light.

I'll be here cheering you on,

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How We All Can Win

Hello from Sweden!  

A lot has happened in the past few days...I just got done teaching a few workshops at an amazing yoga space in Stockholm, Urban OM , and by the end of the week I will head to Florence, Italy to guest instruct at a beautiful boutique studio, Italia Power Yoga.

       Pic featuring a new student I met   Malin Berg .

       Pic featuring a new student I met  Malin Berg.

A few people have asked me recently...

"Hey Andrew, how did you get opportunities like this?"

Here was my response: I offered value.

But what did I do exactly?  Well, I researched studios that would be a good fit for my teaching style, and messaged them about the value I was offering - in this case, yoga workshop programming that was a unique blend of mindfulness, spiritualty, and athleticism.  Studios owners were interested, and so we worked out rates that made sense given the transatlantic commute.  That's basically it.

Here's the biggest thing I've learned throughout this process: my success was equal in magnitude to the value that I provided to others.

And now you might be asking what do you mean by "value"?

Well when we give value, we use our skills and expertise to guide, counsel, encourage, inspire, or affirm others in their hopes and dreams. We provide experiences that help people to achieve their goals or somehow improve their lives. Another word we could use for this exchange would be service.

Here's another example of value I offered to the world this past week.  (Click on the GIF below)

     My latest cover - Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill"

     My latest cover - Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill"

So If you're a multi-passionate entrepreneur like me, you have TONS of value to offer. You just need to find concrete ways of getting your product into the hands of others, whether they're in your hometown or halfway across the world in Sweden.

And so the next time you're inspired by an idea or expression that could help someone else, find a way to share it. Not only is it fulfilling to just connect with other people, but service also provides a path for you to make a living out of doing things you absolutely love doing.  And when we help others to become their best selves, we all win.

So keep finding ways to serve.  I'll be here cheering you on,

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The Small Moments Matter

The small moments matter.
"It's hard to believe that small moments matter when we're so focused on conquering big and great things.  But I've learned that the key to performing any great feat is actually by mastering a series of small feats along the way. So have patience.  Step by step, strive for excellence in every moment, even the small ones.  And when you start doing small things in a big way, the greatness you seek is bound to find you."

Big Moment for me: I've been invited to teach for the first time in Europe!  I'll be hosting an inversion workshop at Italia Power Yoga in Florence, Italy next month. (Fun fact: Americans refer to the city as "Florence" but it's "Firenze" in Italian) Check out this cool boutique studio in Firenze  :)
Small Moment for me: I begin my study of jazz piano this week! My first lesson is on Thursday and I'm more of a classical pianist so of course I'm kinda nervous, but I'm also excited - I teach so much these days that it's nice sometimes to just be a student and learn. 
Here's the interesting thing: It's the moment after moment after moment of being a diligent student where I collect the teaching tools I then use to be an effective teacher.  And being an effective and inspiring teacher earns me opportunities to expand my business to far away, and exciting places like Firenze.  
So yeah, the small moments do add up – and they do lead to the big moments!  Pay attention to the opportunity you have in this moment, because each tiny opportunity becomes the next stepping stone to your greatness.  (Do I dare say that the small moments are your greatness?)
Remember this month to celebrate every victory, especially the small ones.  

I'll be here cheering you on,

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Dare To Try

Dare to Try.

"Dare to try.  Through the most difficult times, keep pressing onwards, even when it seems like nothing is moving.  Because through persistence and determination, one day things will move, or things will move you.  And you will be stronger than when you started, not because you reached your goal, but because you dared to try."


I'm really digging the idea these days this idea of bringing your whole, entire self into everything you do.  In fact, I made this intention my new years resolution at the beginning of the year, and have been inspired to make art that reflects this belief (did you click on the video above??)

I think by now most of you know me as a multi passionate entrepreneur - someone interested in yoga, music, retreat leading, teaching, etc.   It's been very interesting trying to balance all my life passions for the first few months of 2017.  But some great things have been happening ever since I dared to try!  For example, later this month, I will be going on my first international work trip. I will be traveling to Asia to teach yoga and life coaching workshops at Beyond Yoga in the Philippines.  

It's scary for me - to not control the path as I want it to be, but instead to accept opportunities as they unfold unfold organically - but it's like what I talked about in the video...dare to try, right?

I hope you dare to try something new this month too. If you do something crazy different, let me know by posting a comment here.

Thanks for reading this far and for connecting with me - and remember I'm always here cheering you on!

:) Andrew

If You Want Something Different for Your Life...

...then you'll have to do something different to get it.  I know it's scary to try and do something that seems so impossible, but the more we practice letting go of what we know to move towards something different, more often than not we surprise ourselves with what is actually possible. And when we tap into the possibilities from the inside, we come closer to realization that when we put our mind to it anything is possible on the outside too.

When You Feel Like Giving Up

The moment you feel like giving up, is the moment your yoga begins.

I've never been a natural athlete so yoga's never been easy for me. And so that's why in a sense I'm thankful for the difficult moments, for the times it seems like I'll never "get there". Because I've learned that it's in those moments where the yoga actually begins. Where I'm fully present. Where, if I take a few deep breaths and stick with it, I unlock my full potential.

2017 - Unlock Your Potential

My 2017 intention is to unlock my potential.

What does that mean?  Well, in everything I do - the creative arts, health and fitness, my spiritual practice - I will strive to be my best, loving self. I will allow these parts of me that seem broken and disconnected - my music, yoga, travel, philosophy, and writing - to coalesce this year into a force that is authentically me and no one else.

I will also be open to new possibilities, and new paths that I never dared to go down.  And so, I open 2017 with a type of music video I have never made before - a commercial video that I musically scored - an online video promo for the construction company RSDC:

 My hope is that when I unleash my talents, unhinged and without fear, that this new light (and truly more like this "uncovered light"), through openness, honesty, and vulnerablity will inspire others to become their true authentic selves too.

And so I hope this new music video and New's Year intention inspires you to unlock your potential - that it motivates to discover your true and natural light, whatever beauty that may be.  Here's to the biggest and brightest year yet.  Happy 2017!! 


And here it is! Presenting the video for "Kiss Me This Christmas"

And here it is...the music video for my new song "Kiss Me This Christmas"!

Thank you to the dozens of people (and pets!) willing to share some of their most loving moments with the camera. This music video features 45 kissing scenes that were sent to me from all over the world: London to Cambodia, the Philippines to Italy, Los Angeles, CA to York, PA!

I hope watching this video helps you feel a little bit more connected to everyone else, and that it brings you closer to the truth that despite all the external differences we see in one another, that love is always what is underneath.

May these festive, holiday images send you smiling into the new year!

Merry Christmas!!!!
♥️ Andrew

Andrew Abaria: Piano and Vocals
Benjamin Scholz: Drums
Noor Che'ree: Bass
Jonas Petersen: Music Producer
Shaina House: Chart Writer/Transcriber

Videographer: Ian Asbjørnsen

Special Thanks: Jamieson Trotter, Mark Winkler, The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, Clear Lake Recording Studios

Laith Toma and Lainey Brown
Carrie Lee and Skylar Mosley
Andrea Urmanita and Jason Wakizaka
Judy Lopez and Mark DeLeon
Steph Anie and Seth Lewis
Kimberly Venzon Hiatt and Kevin Hiatt
Javier Cotal and Bek Arbogast
Jonina TurziSarah Salluzzo, and Hazel
Albert Andres and Avery Andres
Daisy (Heather Arter) and Freckles
Ginger Gelston and Mozzie
Marie Francois Abaria Chua Michelle Abaria Chua and Yohann
Joann Hankey and Angel
Tiffany Beth, Anna Zwick, and Jackson Zwick
Peter and Gloria Venzon, Preseley Hiatt and Jacklyn Hiatt
Stephanie Casstevens and Penny
Melly Asch, Ashley Curl and Oliver McAnulty
Caroline Rose Giuliani and Rex
Dexter and Whitney Wacek (Allisa Wacek)
Athena Bryant, Issac, and Hannah
Frankie and Marnie
Rebecca A. G. Almanza
Jonas Petersen and Flash
Noor Che'ree and Jesaiah Baer
Ben Scholz and Shaina House
Caroline and Jason Lubin
Korey Warner Knight and Douglas Knight
Steve Billet and David Smith
Melissa Bunde and Philip Soulides
Neil Vyas and Eric Lavis
Kristen Durbin and Christopher Durbin
Megan Guerrero and Charlie Guerrero
Susan McDaniel and Peter Danko
Mike Kane and Janelle Sylvia Kane
Christina Woods and Linda Kramm
Simon Overmiller, Lyla Overmiller and Olin Overmiller
Leslie Tang and Rick Tang
Nawal Toma and Nabil Toma
Dante Estrera and Paco
Breanna Scott and Cathie Murrell Scott
Sarah Bortvedt Andres and Ebony
Diane Padre and Nati Pama
Doron Cooper
Karen Bortvedt
Nikki Crane, Liz Crane, Kevin Crane, and Presley Karalus
Andrew Abaria, Josh Hankey and Ludwig

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