And here it is! Presenting the video for "Kiss Me This Christmas"

And here it is...the music video for my new song "Kiss Me This Christmas"!

Thank you to the dozens of people (and pets!) willing to share some of their most loving moments with the camera. This music video features 45 kissing scenes that were sent to me from all over the world: London to Cambodia, the Philippines to Italy, Los Angeles, CA to York, PA!

I hope watching this video helps you feel a little bit more connected to everyone else, and that it brings you closer to the truth that despite all the external differences we see in one another, that love is always what is underneath.

May these festive, holiday images send you smiling into the new year!

Merry Christmas!!!!
♥️ Andrew

Andrew Abaria: Piano and Vocals
Benjamin Scholz: Drums
Noor Che'ree: Bass
Jonas Petersen: Music Producer
Shaina House: Chart Writer/Transcriber

Videographer: Ian Asbjørnsen

Special Thanks: Jamieson Trotter, Mark Winkler, The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, Clear Lake Recording Studios

Laith Toma and Lainey Brown
Carrie Lee and Skylar Mosley
Andrea Urmanita and Jason Wakizaka
Judy Lopez and Mark DeLeon
Steph Anie and Seth Lewis
Kimberly Venzon Hiatt and Kevin Hiatt
Javier Cotal and Bek Arbogast
Jonina TurziSarah Salluzzo, and Hazel
Albert Andres and Avery Andres
Daisy (Heather Arter) and Freckles
Ginger Gelston and Mozzie
Marie Francois Abaria Chua Michelle Abaria Chua and Yohann
Joann Hankey and Angel
Tiffany Beth, Anna Zwick, and Jackson Zwick
Peter and Gloria Venzon, Preseley Hiatt and Jacklyn Hiatt
Stephanie Casstevens and Penny
Melly Asch, Ashley Curl and Oliver McAnulty
Caroline Rose Giuliani and Rex
Dexter and Whitney Wacek (Allisa Wacek)
Athena Bryant, Issac, and Hannah
Frankie and Marnie
Rebecca A. G. Almanza
Jonas Petersen and Flash
Noor Che'ree and Jesaiah Baer
Ben Scholz and Shaina House
Caroline and Jason Lubin
Korey Warner Knight and Douglas Knight
Steve Billet and David Smith
Melissa Bunde and Philip Soulides
Neil Vyas and Eric Lavis
Kristen Durbin and Christopher Durbin
Megan Guerrero and Charlie Guerrero
Susan McDaniel and Peter Danko
Mike Kane and Janelle Sylvia Kane
Christina Woods and Linda Kramm
Simon Overmiller, Lyla Overmiller and Olin Overmiller
Leslie Tang and Rick Tang
Nawal Toma and Nabil Toma
Dante Estrera and Paco
Breanna Scott and Cathie Murrell Scott
Sarah Bortvedt Andres and Ebony
Diane Padre and Nati Pama
Doron Cooper
Karen Bortvedt
Nikki Crane, Liz Crane, Kevin Crane, and Presley Karalus
Andrew Abaria, Josh Hankey and Ludwig

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