Two Strategies for Overcoming any Setback

Hello from Copenhagen!

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Last night was my first gig on a 10 day music tour through Europe.  Although it went extremely well, my opening show was supposed to be two days earlier and in a different country.

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I'll spare the details for now, but just know it was a rough first two days for me on the road.  After having spent an unexpected 20 hours in airports on Day 1, and being sick in bed all day on Day 2, I've had a lot of time to think about the best mental strategies to overcome any setback.

Here are two takeaways I'm excited to share with you:

1) Learning how to overcome a setback is a non-negotiable skill you must develop if you want to create success for your life.  Setbacks are bound to happen.  They just are, especially if you want to do big and bold things in this world.  Because setbacks are a part of the path to success, when they do take place, view it as an opportunity to prove your own strength, and to show that you have the ability to keep creating success despite hardship.  

2) Your reputation is built in the difficult moments, not the easy ones.  It's easy for someone to call you "inspirational", "strong", "positive" etc. when everything is going your way.  But you don't really earn your inspirational, strong, or positive badge until you demonstrate those qualities in moments of crisis.  I'm not saying that you should deny feeling disappointed (it took me a good day and a half to move on), it's more that at some point in the experience, you have to make a choice about how you will now live in the world.  And your choice at that moment deeply embeds certain qualities and virtues into the core of who you are as a person.

I've read quite a few online articles penned by people who have been changed by challenge recently - and it's helped me greatly.  I've been indelibly changed by my challenge too, and so I hope this blog post can serve you the next time you encounter any setback that feels like the end of everything.  

You'll make it through - I'm here cheering you on,

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PPS.  You really think I wouldn't mention anything about the holidays in a December blog post??  Merry Christmas to you all - see you in 2018!!!