Outcome vs. Activity

Happy 2018!!

Are you excited about your NYR (New Year's resolution)??

NYRs undoubtedly give us an added boost of energy and drive, and so right away we tend to immerse ourselves in tons of forward moving activity.  We do our best to keep busy, doing everything we can to check off boxes on our to-do list - often it feels amazing!

But has this ever happened to you, where you've engaged in tons of activity and even experienced benefits....but ultimately didn't see the results you expected?

So why does this happen?  Well, here's my take:  Activity alone is not enough.  When you complete any activity, all that ensures is that you will receive some sort of addition to your life, some sort of benefit. But the thing is, benefit is not the same as progress.

Progress is movement to towards a very specific outcome, and so random and unfocused benefit will not necessarily get you to your ideal end goal.

What's the alternative - how do we create progress?  Start with outcome.  

Start with outcome by creating a clear picture of what your ideal end scenario looks like: the exact net profit your business will generate, the number of vacation days you want this year, etc. – and then come up with a pertinent activity list that will get you to that end goal.

Here's an example:  If your NYR is "to be healthier in 2018", you might start to make a list of activities that would look something like this:
- lower my cholesterol
- get one more hour of sleep a night
- 10 minutes a day to meditate

But let's say the outcome you actually want is to lose two inches off your waist - even if you lowered your cholesterol by 40 points, got an extra hour of sleep a night, and disciplined yourself to meditate 10 minutes every morning - it doesn't guarantee that you will be able to fit into that dream pair of jeans! You did lots of well-intended activity - and got tons of healthy benefit - but didn't arrive at your end ideal outcome.

Instead, make your NYE a specific outcome - "to lose two inches off my waist".  From there, you'd be more likely generate an activity list like this:
- do an hour yoga class 3x a week
- eat a 300 calorie lunch Mon-Fri
- no dessert on weekends

The bottom line is this: focus on your ideal outcome FIRST, then come up with corresponding activities that will get you there.  Don't just focus on activity, because only outcome-based activities will help you to accomplish your goals.

So, start with outcome!

Does this make sense?  Write a comment below and let me know.  I love talking about this stuff, and I've even created two coaching programs, focused on end outcomes of course, to help people like you arrive at their ideal end goals.

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Happy New Year and good luck with your NYRs!

I'm here all year cheering you on,