How We All Can Win

Hello from Sweden!  

A lot has happened in the past few days...I just got done teaching a few workshops at an amazing yoga space in Stockholm, Urban OM , and by the end of the week I will head to Florence, Italy to guest instruct at a beautiful boutique studio, Italia Power Yoga.

       Pic featuring a new student I met   Malin Berg .

       Pic featuring a new student I met  Malin Berg.

A few people have asked me recently...

"Hey Andrew, how did you get opportunities like this?"

Here was my response: I offered value.

But what did I do exactly?  Well, I researched studios that would be a good fit for my teaching style, and messaged them about the value I was offering - in this case, yoga workshop programming that was a unique blend of mindfulness, spiritualty, and athleticism.  Studios owners were interested, and so we worked out rates that made sense given the transatlantic commute.  That's basically it.

Here's the biggest thing I've learned throughout this process: my success was equal in magnitude to the value that I provided to others.

And now you might be asking what do you mean by "value"?

Well when we give value, we use our skills and expertise to guide, counsel, encourage, inspire, or affirm others in their hopes and dreams. We provide experiences that help people to achieve their goals or somehow improve their lives. Another word we could use for this exchange would be service.

Here's another example of value I offered to the world this past week.  (Click on the GIF below)

     My latest cover - Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill"

     My latest cover - Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill"

So If you're a multi-passionate entrepreneur like me, you have TONS of value to offer. You just need to find concrete ways of getting your product into the hands of others, whether they're in your hometown or halfway across the world in Sweden.

And so the next time you're inspired by an idea or expression that could help someone else, find a way to share it. Not only is it fulfilling to just connect with other people, but service also provides a path for you to make a living out of doing things you absolutely love doing.  And when we help others to become their best selves, we all win.

So keep finding ways to serve.  I'll be here cheering you on,

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