Manifestation 2017

As a kid I would daydream about one day going on tour as a musician. I've always loved traveling and would often dream about playing different venues all over the world.  Back then I thought that the only way to make that happen was to get signed by a major label and have an agent who would book my shows.  And while the industry is in a different place these days, and that specific scenario hasn't happened for me yet, my belief that no external force can stop me from creating any outcome I want has helped me to manifest this new opportunity ahead.  

While I’ve had the privilege of extensive US touring with my former bands and other musical projects, I’ve yet to venture out on my own or cross international borders....until now.  I'm excited to announce my December 2017 solo European music tour!  I'll be playing piano and singing on a 10 day 8 date international trek with stops in London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. (with a few US shows shortly after!)

And so, I wanted to share with you an important note about manifestation: I used to assume that manifestation was the process of thinking about something you want and somehow the universe delivering it to you. But I definitely think something different now.

I believe that when you choose to think about the same thing over and over (and over) again, your thoughts become activators for action.  And when some sort of physical force is actualized (writing an e-mail, driving to a location, speaking to a person, etc.), this component of smart and strategic movements built over time and done with consistency, is really what gets you to your end outcome.  

In other words, thoughts don't directly produce the outcome - it’s the action that follows. Thoughts are just the fuel to keep you going.  Also, things you want don't just magically materialize in front of you; through consistent actions over time, you make things happen. 

So make sure to turn your insight into action, because your thoughts alone have no power without some measurable force that you generate and contribute into the world.  And with practice and time you will a forge a path to all the good things you’ve ever wanted. 

Try it out and see what happens. :) I’m here cheering you on,