The Small Moments Matter

The small moments matter.
"It's hard to believe that small moments matter when we're so focused on conquering big and great things.  But I've learned that the key to performing any great feat is actually by mastering a series of small feats along the way. So have patience.  Step by step, strive for excellence in every moment, even the small ones.  And when you start doing small things in a big way, the greatness you seek is bound to find you."

Big Moment for me: I've been invited to teach for the first time in Europe!  I'll be hosting an inversion workshop at Italia Power Yoga in Florence, Italy next month. (Fun fact: Americans refer to the city as "Florence" but it's "Firenze" in Italian) Check out this cool boutique studio in Firenze  :)
Small Moment for me: I begin my study of jazz piano this week! My first lesson is on Thursday and I'm more of a classical pianist so of course I'm kinda nervous, but I'm also excited - I teach so much these days that it's nice sometimes to just be a student and learn. 
Here's the interesting thing: It's the moment after moment after moment of being a diligent student where I collect the teaching tools I then use to be an effective teacher.  And being an effective and inspiring teacher earns me opportunities to expand my business to far away, and exciting places like Firenze.  
So yeah, the small moments do add up – and they do lead to the big moments!  Pay attention to the opportunity you have in this moment, because each tiny opportunity becomes the next stepping stone to your greatness.  (Do I dare say that the small moments are your greatness?)
Remember this month to celebrate every victory, especially the small ones.  

I'll be here cheering you on,

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