Kiss Me This Christmas - Video Preview!

Are you a good kisser???

If so, I need you for my next video project!!

I'm about to release a new Christmas single called "Kiss Me This Christmas" and the accompanying music video will be a compilation of images of people I love (if you're reading this, this means you) kissing the people and things that you all love! Here's a quick teaser for the video, so you get the idea.

If you to contribute all you have to do is Facebook message me a 5-10 second video of your best smooch! It doesn't have to be recorded on a fancy camera or anything - video recordings on your phone are perfect - just make sure you are holding the camera horizontally as you capture the video.

Feel free to kiss anyone/anything that you like - babies, significant others, pets, inanimate object, etc. The important part is that you are kissing something or someone you absolutely love!

Private message me if you have questions - would love for you all to be a part of this!