When You Feel Like Giving Up

The moment you feel like giving up, is the moment your yoga begins.

I've never been a natural athlete so yoga's never been easy for me. And so that's why in a sense I'm thankful for the difficult moments, for the times it seems like I'll never "get there". Because I've learned that it's in those moments where the yoga actually begins. Where I'm fully present. Where, if I take a few deep breaths and stick with it, I unlock my full potential.

2017 - Unlock Your Potential

My 2017 intention is to unlock my potential.

What does that mean?  Well, in everything I do - the creative arts, health and fitness, my spiritual practice - I will strive to be my best, loving self. I will allow these parts of me that seem broken and disconnected - my music, yoga, travel, philosophy, and writing - to coalesce this year into a force that is authentically me and no one else.

I will also be open to new possibilities, and new paths that I never dared to go down.  And so, I open 2017 with a type of music video I have never made before - a commercial video that I musically scored - an online video promo for the construction company RSDC:

 My hope is that when I unleash my talents, unhinged and without fear, that this new light (and truly more like this "uncovered light"), through openness, honesty, and vulnerablity will inspire others to become their true authentic selves too.

And so I hope this new music video and New's Year intention inspires you to unlock your potential - that it motivates to discover your true and natural light, whatever beauty that may be.  Here's to the biggest and brightest year yet.  Happy 2017!!