Dare To Try

Dare to Try.

"Dare to try.  Through the most difficult times, keep pressing onwards, even when it seems like nothing is moving.  Because through persistence and determination, one day things will move, or things will move you.  And you will be stronger than when you started, not because you reached your goal, but because you dared to try."


I'm really digging the idea these days this idea of bringing your whole, entire self into everything you do.  In fact, I made this intention my new years resolution at the beginning of the year, and have been inspired to make art that reflects this belief (did you click on the video above??)

I think by now most of you know me as a multi passionate entrepreneur - someone interested in yoga, music, retreat leading, teaching, etc.   It's been very interesting trying to balance all my life passions for the first few months of 2017.  But some great things have been happening ever since I dared to try!  For example, later this month, I will be going on my first international work trip. I will be traveling to Asia to teach yoga and life coaching workshops at Beyond Yoga in the Philippines.  

It's scary for me - to not control the path as I want it to be, but instead to accept opportunities as they unfold unfold organically - but it's like what I talked about in the video...dare to try, right?

I hope you dare to try something new this month too. If you do something crazy different, let me know by posting a comment here.

Thanks for reading this far and for connecting with me - and remember I'm always here cheering you on!

:) Andrew

If You Want Something Different for Your Life...

...then you'll have to do something different to get it.  I know it's scary to try and do something that seems so impossible, but the more we practice letting go of what we know to move towards something different, more often than not we surprise ourselves with what is actually possible. And when we tap into the possibilities from the inside, we come closer to realization that when we put our mind to it anything is possible on the outside too.