Champion Spotlight Profile #2 - Megan Densmore

Champion Spotlight Profile #2 - Megan Densmore

Where did I meet World Championship Kettlebell competitor Megan Densmore?

In a college a cappella group in the 2000's. Megan and our friend, Josh Epstein, formed the Troy Tones, one of USC's mixed voice a cappella groups. Megan, Josh, I, and a few brave others became its first iteration of singers.

Not only is Megan a singer and athlete, but she currently lives in New York as a working voice over artist and actor. As someone who is also working in multiple fields, I've followed Megan online and made sure to keep in touch with her throughout the years. I most recently met up with her in New York City a few winters ago, and Megan shared with me how she was able to balance all the different and disparate activities in her life. So last month, when she said wanted to be a part of my new music video for Champion, it was great to literally see what she was up to these days.

Megan has Fibromyalgia, which she experiences as a sort of nervous system breakdown; the routing between her pain receptors and brain go haywire, causing pain to be amplified throughout her body. So in her kettlebell training sessions, the disease can cause her to not know where to draw the line in her workouts; she often questions whether is pushing herself too much, or not enough.

Still, the condition didn't stop her from training for a new kettlebell event in January 2015, women's snatch (Her preferred event is longcycle). Then after only seven months of training, at nationals, she qualified in snatch for the World Championships. And last November, she represented team USA in the IUKL World Championships in Dublin, Ireland.

Megan says a Champion is someone who has achieved great things, despite encountering obstacles and massive failures. Champions take huge risks and at the end of the journey are much different people than when they began, because as she confidently puts it - the journey is what makes the Champion.


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"I will get up, hold my head up, I won't let up
No I won't be broken, i'll keep going
Cause I know that I'm a Champion"

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