Create More Than You Consume

Happy October!  (I know, October already?!?)   

This fall I find myself absorbed in a number of creative projects - from collecting selfie videos of people without shirts on for my new music video "Shirtless" (yes I want your video too!), to leading my 40 hour yoga training Yoga Masterminds, to making connections at various film festivals around the country that have screened my 2016 dance film Not Immune (the pic below is from Cinema Diverse in Palm Springs, CA).

YM pic.jpeg
PS pic.JPG

This recent work load has gotten me thinking about a key concept that I believe can help all of us creatives to move forwards in any project we have on our plate: we must create more than we consume.

It's obvious that if you want to lose 10 pounds, a greater input of calories vs. output of calories would prevent you from getting to your health goal. Taking this idea further, I believe that a greater input of ideas and information compared to your output also prevents you from reaching your career or personal goals.  

In other words, to ensure progress, don't just be a passive receptor of information and ideas (listening to podcasts, reading books on social phenomenon, tuning into NPR etc.).  It's only when we take those experiences and create our own concrete products and services that we become more skilled and expert at what we do.  

Progress can only happen when we create more than we consume.

I'll end with this: I'm definitely not saying that when we commit to creating that everything goes smoothly and that it all just "works out".  In fact, I actually think the inevitable twists and turns we encounter on the path help us to build the muscles and wisdom we need for the next, more complicated, and bigger adventure ahead.

So continue to create more than you consume and watch your work and life transform into all that you want it to be.

I'm here cheering you on,

PS. Here are some inspiring things a few of my friends creating these days:

Cave Day (my productive friends Jake Kahana, Jeremy Redleaf, and Molly Sonsteng)

The Joy List (the ever so joyful NYC based Jillian Richardson)

24 Violins (talented music producer Jonas Petersen)

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The 5 Second Rule

There is an energy and life force inside each and every one of us that is so powerful, it's often frightening.  Its light is so dazzling and bright, that many times we cover it up, fearful of sharing it with others.  But instead of fearing this light, we must learn to accept it, and ultimately at some point find ways to express it.  And as we share our brilliance with others who may be hiding their light, not only does this liberate us from our own fear, but it encourages others to liberate themselves too.

You've heard about the five second rule right?

No, I don't mean the rule that says once you drop that piece of chocolate on the floor, you still have five seconds to eat it.  I'm referring to what motivational speaker Mel Robbins refers to as the five second rule which is this:

If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.

When inspiration strikes, you've got 5 seconds to do SOMETHING, or else NOTHING will happen.  If you get inspired by a new business idea, you have 5 seconds to write down the thought...If you get a sudden surge of energy to reclaim your health, you've got five seconds to get up from the couch to get your gym clothes on....If you find yourself wanting to dance at that wedding, you got five seconds to do it...or nothing happens.

Here's the deal: when inspiration pays its short 5 second visit and you physically move, your brain starts to replace old, limiting habits with new life-giving ones.  But if you don't move after 5 seconds, your old habits become stronger, and it becomes harder to create change.

So whatever your goal is, it's not enough just to think about it - you have to do something about it - and within 5 seconds.

Over the last few months I've trained myself to ACT during these inspirational episodes. And now because of it, I've created something I'm super excited to share with you all.  It's called Yoga Masterminds - a 40 hour teacher training program designed to help you sequence and cue yoga poses with the best in the world.  If you're a yoga teacher or serious yoga student, you'll want to check it out.
So stay committed to ACTION during those sudden bursts of inspiration, and truly express your light.

I'll be here cheering you on,

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The Small Moments Matter

The small moments matter.
"It's hard to believe that small moments matter when we're so focused on conquering big and great things.  But I've learned that the key to performing any great feat is actually by mastering a series of small feats along the way. So have patience.  Step by step, strive for excellence in every moment, even the small ones.  And when you start doing small things in a big way, the greatness you seek is bound to find you."

Big Moment for me: I've been invited to teach for the first time in Europe!  I'll be hosting an inversion workshop at Italia Power Yoga in Florence, Italy next month. (Fun fact: Americans refer to the city as "Florence" but it's "Firenze" in Italian) Check out this cool boutique studio in Firenze  :)
Small Moment for me: I begin my study of jazz piano this week! My first lesson is on Thursday and I'm more of a classical pianist so of course I'm kinda nervous, but I'm also excited - I teach so much these days that it's nice sometimes to just be a student and learn. 
Here's the interesting thing: It's the moment after moment after moment of being a diligent student where I collect the teaching tools I then use to be an effective teacher.  And being an effective and inspiring teacher earns me opportunities to expand my business to far away, and exciting places like Firenze.  
So yeah, the small moments do add up – and they do lead to the big moments!  Pay attention to the opportunity you have in this moment, because each tiny opportunity becomes the next stepping stone to your greatness.  (Do I dare say that the small moments are your greatness?)
Remember this month to celebrate every victory, especially the small ones.  

I'll be here cheering you on,

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If You Want Something Different for Your Life...

...then you'll have to do something different to get it.  I know it's scary to try and do something that seems so impossible, but the more we practice letting go of what we know to move towards something different, more often than not we surprise ourselves with what is actually possible. And when we tap into the possibilities from the inside, we come closer to realization that when we put our mind to it anything is possible on the outside too.

When You Feel Like Giving Up

The moment you feel like giving up, is the moment your yoga begins.

I've never been a natural athlete so yoga's never been easy for me. And so that's why in a sense I'm thankful for the difficult moments, for the times it seems like I'll never "get there". Because I've learned that it's in those moments where the yoga actually begins. Where I'm fully present. Where, if I take a few deep breaths and stick with it, I unlock my full potential.

Not Immune - Official Music Video

The future of America will not be dictated by one person. As artists, we have the awesome responsibility to create art that reflects the hopes and values we want to see in our nation. Through our collective efforts, we will communally build the world we want to live in.

This video was created by a group of millennials of different ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations: we are black, white, latino, and asian, male and female, a few of us are gay, others straight, some of us are second generation citizens with immigrant parents, some of us have family that been here for hundreds of years. Despite all these differences, we are all American; and more importantly, we are all human.

We are the new America, and through our art we will spread the ideas of radical inclusion and tolerance for all. We will not build up walls because we truly believe we are stronger together.

I hope the story in this video speaks to you, and that it brings you closer to the realization that despite all the ostensible differences, we are actually one.

Composer/Musician/Director/Producer: Andrew Abaria
Videographer: Ian Asbjørnsen
Choreographer: Jenn Rose
Dancers: Chad Allen Ortiz and Kingsley Ibeneche
Special thanks to Josh Hankey

*click on HD to watch in full quality

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Not Immune Music Video - Debuts tomorrow!

Now more than ever, through media and in our art, it is our duty as content creators to show the world the kind of America we believe in.

Tomorrow, we will debut the music video for a song I wrote called "Not Immune".

We are black, white, asian, and hispanic - each a different race, but we are all American. We are all human.

Kiss Me This Christmas - Video Preview!

Are you a good kisser???

If so, I need you for my next video project!!

I'm about to release a new Christmas single called "Kiss Me This Christmas" and the accompanying music video will be a compilation of images of people I love (if you're reading this, this means you) kissing the people and things that you all love! Here's a quick teaser for the video, so you get the idea.

If you to contribute all you have to do is Facebook message me a 5-10 second video of your best smooch! It doesn't have to be recorded on a fancy camera or anything - video recordings on your phone are perfect - just make sure you are holding the camera horizontally as you capture the video.

Feel free to kiss anyone/anything that you like - babies, significant others, pets, inanimate object, etc. The important part is that you are kissing something or someone you absolutely love!

Private message me if you have questions - would love for you all to be a part of this!

Retreat Weekend

Just got back from an inspiring weekend retreat in Upstate New York at the   Growing Heart Farm  . Special thanks to a long time college friend of mine, and fellow creative/entrepreneur   Jake Kahana  , for running the events this past weekend. The last few days were filled with reflection, revelation, laughter, and connection, and this experience has fueled me to continue sharing my personal brand of music, creativity, health and wellness with you all. Onwards and upwards!

Just got back from an inspiring weekend retreat in Upstate New York at the Growing Heart Farm. Special thanks to a long time college friend of mine, and fellow creative/entrepreneur Jake Kahana, for running the events this past weekend. The last few days were filled with reflection, revelation, laughter, and connection, and this experience has fueled me to continue sharing my personal brand of music, creativity, health and wellness with you all. Onwards and upwards!

The Official Champion Music Video has arrived! #championopus1

There's a connectedness that happens when we watch people doing things they absolutely love doing. Seeing other human beings filled with joy and happiness, I think, enables us to more easily see ourselves in others. And as some of us create this positivity for our own lives, it becomes infectious - the rest of us naturally become inspired to create our own joy and happiness too.

The world could use a few more positive images these days, so I am excited to be releasing the music video for a song I wrote called "Champion". I hope this video encourages you to excitedly work on the things you need to work on, rather than focusing on the weaknesses of others. That it urges you to spend time more doing things that you love. That it inspires you to become your best self, because as you become your best self, you are giving others the permission to do the same.

So thank you to the 38 athletes, artists, and survivors featured in this video. I hope your stories transform all of us into more positive, compassionate, and connected people.

CHAMPION cast (in order of appearance):

1. Diane Padre
2. Cissoko Adams
3. Logan Blomquist
4. Jonathan Grant Jackson
5. Zorahgail Balino
6. Garrett Larson
7. Vilte Radzvilaviciute
8. Antwoine "Mr. Man" Dorm Jr. (Antwoine M Dorm)
9. Amanda Patzke
10. Yves Nicollier
11. Matt Lundin
12. Shay Murphy
13. David Nieuwenhuizen
14. Coty Blue Tatge
15. Kapos Dinamic
16. Stefan Mundy
17. Amy Irby
18. Kris Noel
19. Tim Sullivan
20. Jed David
21. Joseph Sison
22. Thanh Vo
23. Antonio J. Martinez
24. MacKenzie Kozlowski
25. Krystal Abaria
26. Alison Sunshine Chavez
27. Lawrence Wood
28. Megan Densmore
29. Adam Bobrow
30. Valley Catholic Volleyball (Tiffany Beth and Becky Kemper)
31. Maura Creighton
32. Laura Wagner
33. Gerwin de Haan
34. D'yan Tee
35. Paul Michael Gibbs
36. Maria Zavala 
37. Ryan Wurz
38. Simo Partinen

Special thanks to: 
Ian Asbjørnsen - video editing
Jonas Petersen - music production
Brian Paturalski - mixing
Reuben Cohen - mastering
Michael Kohl - guitar

Opus 1 ‪#‎Champion‬

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