Not Immune - Official Music Video

The future of America will not be dictated by one person. As artists, we have the awesome responsibility to create art that reflects the hopes and values we want to see in our nation. Through our collective efforts, we will communally build the world we want to live in.

This video was created by a group of millennials of different ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations: we are black, white, latino, and asian, male and female, a few of us are gay, others straight, some of us are second generation citizens with immigrant parents, some of us have family that been here for hundreds of years. Despite all these differences, we are all American; and more importantly, we are all human.

We are the new America, and through our art we will spread the ideas of radical inclusion and tolerance for all. We will not build up walls because we truly believe we are stronger together.

I hope the story in this video speaks to you, and that it brings you closer to the realization that despite all the ostensible differences, we are actually one.

Composer/Musician/Director/Producer: Andrew Abaria
Videographer: Ian Asbjørnsen
Choreographer: Jenn Rose
Dancers: Chad Allen Ortiz and Kingsley Ibeneche
Special thanks to Josh Hankey

*click on HD to watch in full quality

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