Wouldn't it be great if...

Iceland is absolutely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It's often referred to as the "land of waterfalls". Last week I had the privilege of going to Iceland for a few days to teach a pair of handstand workshops. Here are just some of the incredible pictures I took:

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How did I end up in the land of waterfalls? Well I've loved traveling ever since I was a kid, and Iceland was always a dream location of mine.  And for some reason within the past year, this thought kept running through my mind: "Wouldn't it be great if a work trip could pay my way to Iceland?"  

Long story short, a belief that Iceland was possible led to a thought, which led to actions, that ultimately resulted in me landing in Reykjavik last week (and the story gets better because a few friends actually came with me)!  

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Now let me be clear that simply the act of thinking never leads to manifestation. And it's a good thing that thoughts don't automatically become things because if that were the case and you were thinking about a huge pink elephant (and I know you are because I typed it in this sentence), you'd have a two ton pink elephant standing in front of you right now!

Furthermore, most people think that manifestation starts with thought. However, I'll take a stand and say that belief comes first - a belief that it can truly happen. This belief leads to the thought, which again if followed up by action can lead to manifestation.  

And so I believe the intelligent universe has made it so that beliefs can only manifest if actions are involved.  The not-so-glamorous actions I took to get me to Iceland (that you didn't see on social media) included emailing dozens of contacts, hearing no way more times than hearing yes, negotiating rates, hours of scheduling, etc. 

And BTW I'm continually trying out this theory, and I've already manifested my next adventure: Europe Christmas Music Tour 2017.

And so right now let's make something happen for you - why not take a moment to say this statement out loud, finishing the phrase for yourself:

"Wouldn't it be great if..."

If you have a hard time believing your words, then start smaller. Do it until it feels authentic - like what you're saying could actually happen. Because again if you don't really believe it, your efforts will just end up being a hollow thought which won't lead to action.  And then of course take one step and move towards your goal.  You don't have to know the entire path, you just have to continually move in your inspired direction.  

Believe that you're worthy of great things. Think incredible thoughts.  Work hard towards what you want.  And make sure to tell me about how it goes in the comments below.

"Wouldn't it be great if..."

I'm here cheering you on,

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